A Powerful Sales Process Is Simple & Easy To Duplicate

HEO Create Success Sales Process

Size does not matter – whether you are a sole trader,  

small team, a growing business or a large organisation.

Getting better sales results is about clear sales processes that are easy to duplicate and then delivered consistently by your team.

Key concepts to consider:

  • Identify your ideal customer. You simply cannot be all things to all people.
  • Create relationships with Key People of Influence, as they help give you the power of leverage in to your ideal client segment.
  • Make sure your sales processes are easy for your team to follow and duplicate.
  • Your best sales people are usually driven nuts by reporting. Wherever possible make tracking, recording and activity an automatic real-time part of the process so they do not have to think about it.

4 critical steps creating sales success…

Endless referrals & qualified leads

Focus on a client niche and being very clear on who your client is, and just as importantly – who is not your client.

Can your team simply deliver a powerful elevator pitch for your business. In the process clearly articulating the problems you solve for your niche clients?

The book ‘Endless Referrals’ by Bob Burg is a must read – click here for more details.

Have a clearly defined sales process

Is your sales process clearly defined with a Sales Pipeline for moving clients through that process to a successful conclusion? This is especially important when there is more than one team member involved. Map the steps and processes so nothing gets missed.

Lead indicators are critical for achieving longer-term objectives. Your sales process needs to be broken down in to bite sized processes that build on each other:

  • Daily activities drive weekly targets.
  • Weekly results combine to meet monthly targets.

Monthly result lead to quarterly results etc, you get the point. Each phase builds on the each other to create your overall outcome, however it all starts with the daily disciplines.

It is the daily disciplines that dictates your overall results. Get the critical core activities done deliberately and consistently. Don’t let the daily distractions stop you and your team from delivering on your core critical activities and you have the formula for winning results.

Duplicate and scale

Once you have mapped your sales process you need to have in place the systems to make it easy for your team to follow your sales process, tracking and recording outcomes as a part of the process.

The easier you make it for your team to deliver the outcomes you want for your customers and your business the better for everyone involved.

Engage your team by making a game out of the process

The old saying is – ‘what gets measured gets managed’. Targets and tracking activity is a HUGE part of successful results. Make sure reporting around your teams activities is a bi-product of the activity.

This gives you real time reporting and frees your team up to focus on creating results rather than reports.

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