Systems Run Businesses – People Run Systems

Flow Chart System Improvement

This is something that really stood out for me when I recently revisited the book ‘The eMyth’ by Michael Gerber. Then this morning whilst reading ‘The End of Jobs’ by Taylor Pearson… “There are three basic questions to ask? What’s the system? What’s the current limit? What’s the obvious way to improve the limit?  Once…

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A Powerful Sales Process Is Simple & Easy To Duplicate

HEO Create Success Sales Process

Size does not matter – whether you are a sole trader,   small team, a growing business or a large organisation. Getting better sales results is about clear sales processes that are easy to duplicate and then delivered consistently by your team. Key concepts to consider: Identify your ideal customer. You simply cannot be all…

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Discounting: Use It Strategically To Drive Profits And Cashflow.


We are all familiar with the old saying ‘Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword’. Well the same could be said for Discounting in your business? Like most things in life & business there is always another side to every point of view. No-one disputes that if you make your business survival about across…

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Big Bold Guarantee – Get It Out There.


Make it BOLD and follow through on your promise. Don’t be like your parents… You know, like that time they promised you a puppy and kept putting it off. Or said they would take you somewhere fun, then gave you some lame excuse why they could not deliver. Remember how it felt, when you were…

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Get Your Message Across With Power And Impact!


One of the hardest things for most people to do is clearly articulate a complex message in a brief statement. Most business owners do not have a powerful 1 and 2 minute statements they have practiced and can deliver to inspire awe and interest from the person you are speaking with. Here is an Elevator…

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Why Is This So Important To Your Business -USP – UBA or UCBA?


If you have not read the book ‘The Ultimate Marketing Plan’ by Dan Kennedy, then you are leaving money of the table in your business. To fast track your business to higher profits grab a copy of this book ‘The Ultimate Marketing Plan’. Now back to our topic… Without question the most Important letters any…

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