Big Bold Guarantee – Get It Out There.


Make it BOLD and follow through on your promise.

Don’t be like your parents…

You know, like that time they promised you a puppy and kept putting it off. Or said they would take you somewhere fun, then gave you some lame excuse why they could not deliver.

Remember how it felt, when you were disappointed, let down -then don’t do this to your clients.


Make their buying Decision an easy one, give a big bold guarantee so there is no risk for your customer if they proceed.

The BIGGER and BOLDER the better.  Most business owners have a big fear of providing an outrageous promise. The reality is you will convert a heap more sales, and your returns will be minimal.

So take the time to think about how you can Guarantee your product or service, make it Powerful and promote the daylights out of it.

Our marketing systems for generating a flood of loyal customers and more weekly cashflow in to your business comes with a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee – meaning if you don’t like where we put our full stops in a sentence, or the colour of our brochure, or the sound of our receptionists voice – You Can Get A Refund.

NO Risk…