Business Coaching Industry: Will this solution revolutionise how you work with clients?


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Recently one of our software developer clients asked us to seek feedback from the business coaching industry on how their B2B software solutions could add value to the day to day operations of a business coach. Rather than focus on the business coach, we took a bottom up view of the problems from a coach’s  client perspective and how the coaching industry solves their problems.

What was the focus?

  • How is this a solution for clients and what is the value proposition for them?
  • How does this increase the lifestyle, asset value and cash flow for your client?
  • What is the commercial opportunity for the coaching industry in the area of;

-  Adding more value to the client?

- Generating more income per client?

- Adding value to your marketing campaigns and potentially being paid to prospect?

- Soft engagement process for pipelining and on boarding new clients? - Increasing the scalability of your business?

  • How do you personally use it to do all of the above in your business?

The best way to really get  to know the power of the solution is to click here for a 30 Day FREE Trial (no credit card required).

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  • how to add more value to your clients.
  • help them create a stronger more profitable business.
  • Increase your own client base and income in the process.