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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Communication is critical if you and your team are to be effective. Keep everyone in your team up to date on what is happening with your clients, suppliers and prospects. Frequently, companies are looking for  better ways to target qualified business leads and manage them through their process quickly.  To do this, a more efficient process is required. CRM makes this possible.  Companies can record Opportunities and track the status of each step in their process with the ability to act on Real Time information.

Custom Field Designer

No more paying a fortune for programmers to design and modify your database. Now you and your team can do it easily and in minutes with ‘Drag & Drop Fields’.

Typically, organisations require the ability to capture specific information relating to a Client, Business or Referrer group. Custom Fieldsenables this activity to be completed effectively. Organisations can set up and prioritise Custom Fields allowing for specified and unique reporting feedback.

Project Management

Timely communication, progressvisibility & accountability to timelines. Are critical in getting things done, whether it is a little project or a major undertaking. Managing Projects is a dynamic process for a lot of businesses. Tracking the progress of project activity can often result in double handling of information. Projects eliminates this inefficiency. Businesses can now track project activity with real time interactions.

Documents Management & Storage

No need for your team to be storing and sharing your Intellectual property through their private app accounts. Keep & share documents on your Private Network where you own it. Storing Documents and Files can be a sizable task for any organisation, while managing document versions and accessibility often leads to confusion. Documents elevates the Document experience within the cloud. Businesses can efficiently store, share and track changes made to internal and externally shared documents and files.

  • Contact Groups

    Maintaining clear lines between business groups can sometimes require more resources and time than necessary. Establishing specified groups can prove beneficial in eliminating waste. Contact Groups will make this happen. Communicating to a particular selection of contacts has been made so much simpler.

  • Team Scheduler

    Everything synchronised & working together, Across your business & the globe.

    Staying across scheduled team activities within a business can waste valuable time. To change this, better visibility of these schedules is required. Team Schedule makes this possible, viewing resource availability at a high level in real time.

  • Query Builder Reports

    Collecting specific data for review is a time consuming activity, resulting in a search for a more effective way to filter out irrelevant information. Query Builder addresses this, facilitating the ability to report on specific data, every time.

  • Bulletin Boards

    Communicating key updates within business groups can often result in missed emails and messages. A more direct and collaborative approach to communication within these groups is needed. Bulletin Boards makes this happen. Posting updates on Bulletin Boards facilitates open interaction within the business group.

  • Messages

    Keeping up to date quickly without relying on email is not always possible for organisations. A simpler and more compact form of contacting each other is needed. Messages has got it covered, keeping interactions short, sweet and to the point.

  • Chat

    Collaborating effectively need not always rely on verbal conversation, which can sometimes prove to be time wasting within companies. A direct, yet discreet, medium for discussion would make an ideal alternative. Chat makes this possible. Maintain a conversation for reference, saving further disruptions via phone.

  • MailChimp Integration

    Follow up or progressive communication is often an activity revisited every time an email needs to be sent. Maximising the time spent creating these campaigns makes sense. Mail Chimp Integration is ideal for leveraging this investment of time. Create the campaign, and schedule to send – constant revision is no longer required.

  • Xero Integration

    In a time when streamlining business systems are in the forefront of increasing organisations productivity, Accounting software is usually a standalone resource. Incorporating this resource into the Business Systems will avoid this road block. Xero Integration has made way for this seamless collaboration between resources to occur.

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