Technology Stress: How Virtual Assistants Are Profiting From It.


Technology Stress: ‘The anxiety generated in many people having to deal with multiple systems and platforms, operated by multiple clients with varying levels of technical skill’.

Today was the first time I had heard the term Technology stress. It was in the context of virtual assistants.  Basically the sheer number of tools and platforms that the VA’s are having to use is driving them to distraction, causing a lot of angst and generally wasting a lot of time. We are finding this is a common issue in the marketplace. With so much technology and advancement in features and functionality, we are increasingly finding that despite the range of software solutions and support available, business owners are struggling more than ever.

One possible solution is the technology being developed by a savvy Australian technology company. They are coming to the rescue of virtual assistants giving them a platform to connect, communicate and collaborate with clients in a simple and seamless way.

 Making life easier on a daily basis for both VA’s and their clients.


By simplifying the way a VA works with their clients, and standardising the platform they use to do it, is proving to be very effective and efficient way to connect, communicate and collaborate with clients. This is proving so successful for virtual assistants that it is creating other flow on benefits.

Through more effective communication and engagement , combined with the power of project management tools, virtual assistants are now finding creative ways to add value to clients and project related fees for themselves.

Moving towards recurring revenue..

In the process of providing higher value services to clients they are also moving towards recurring revenue services. This has the effect of leveraging their time, skills and knowledge by generating passive income, rather than being reliant on the transactional income that comes from billing by the hour or for a unit of work.

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