WARNING! Employees Hijack Company Twitter account


I just read an article on the PR disaster a company brought on themselves by mismanaging staff relationships and exit strategies, the detail on that in a second.

Ok, if business was not hard enough, you now need to really  think strategically about your relationships with staff, and in sensitive circumstances micromanage, particularly when a relationship is deteriorating or you are about to blindside an employee or contractor.

Getting Your Social Media Hijacked

Getting Your Social Media Hijacked

In today’s economy it is an unfortunate reality that good people need to be let go. This is a difficult situation that needs to be handled delicately and compassionately. The opposite extreme is the nightmare employee or contractor, who seems great and then turns in to a bunny boiler. You need to get rid of the toxic people, but they rarely see themselves as the common problem in their lives. They are always the victim and will often lay blame on everyone else and also have the potential to lashout.

So Here Is The Warning!!!!

Manage the relationship and exit of staff or contractors who have control of your social media very carefully. Check out this corporate PR disaster and see what happens when you spring a surprise on your staff by sacking 60 people with out notice, including the marketing people with publishing rights on your social platforms.

Click here for the corporate Social Media nightmare.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Just think about the strategic and technical issues before you do it. Not to mention the compassionate aspects?